Frequently Asked Questions


Our care providers are comprehensively screened through extensive employment, license and certifications verifications, in-house skill assessments, background checks and radom tasks assessments.
All our care providers are experienced, qualified and certified all the job functions they are assigned to perform. We match our clients with employees best suited to serve them based on a lot of factors and considerations.
Should the need and necessity warrant it, we do our best to ensure that additional trainings are given to our employees to meet specific client’s needs.
Our care providers are supervised by our case managers, office administrators, clinicians, and nurse administrators, guided by state and federal regulations. Our policies and procedures clearly define supervisory levels and functions.
Our policies and procedures define and guide our employees on how to respond to emergencies.
Cost of services is dependent on a number of factors, and non-specific. Payment sources include, but not limited, to the following: Insurance SSI Medicaid Veterans’ benefits Foundation grants Non-Profit and Disability Organizations State Agencies Private pay
No. They are restricted from doing so